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May 31st, 2012Work Examplesmark 0 Comments

Orchard House, Huddersfield.

Removal of an old fence and Landscaping of 30m area ready for new Feathered edge board fencing to be erected.

The full fence was completed to a high standard with the customer 100% happy with the finished product.

Firstly the area was landscaped, removing 20 metres of shrubs and rubble, then there were 16 100mm x 100mm fencepost holes dug to 24 inch deep and posts erected using quick set Postmix and secured and braced. Afterwards the Rails were fitted spanning 30 metres along the side of the property. To build the face of the fence I used 5 inch Feathered edge treated boards and secured with a Paslode Nail gun using 63mm galvanised ring nails. Finally I added a Top cap to add the desired finish resulting in a high quality secure fence making the property have the private feel the customer required.




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